Prevention is Key: Suggestions to Protect Your Restaurant from the Risk of Fire

In the middle of a Friday night dinner rush, thinking about kitchen safety may not be on your mind as you are searing meat and calling out instructions to your staff. Yes, everyone may be trained to do their job well, but accidents happen, and it is inevitable that you will experience a kitchen fire during the course of your career in the food industry. While you may have restaurant insurance to reduce financial risk in the event of an accident, there are several steps you can take to prevent an inferno in the kitchen.

5 Suggestions to Reduce Fires in Your Establishment

Consider these simple, yet powerful, suggestions to reduce the number of claims you submit because of smoke and fire damage:

  • Assess for Risks: To start, have your kitchen assessed for potential areas of weakness. It is possible that your insurance provider can help you with this. There are also third parties that will come into your establishment and identify critical areas of risk. They will look at how business is operated, what equipment is used, and the staff. In the end, you will have some guidelines to follow.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Procedures: Each piece of cooking equipment you purchase comes with the manufacturer’s recommended usage and maintenance schedule. It is essential that you follow them as the equipment manufacturer has taken steps to reduce the risk to users when used correctly.
  • Service Equipment Routinely by Professionals: Regular maintenance and upkeep are critical to not only reducing the potential for fires but also for getting the most out of your investment. Your maintenance staff is capable of following the recommended maintenance. Also, consider bringing in a professional to ensure your grills and ovens are working at their optimum capacity and reduce the chance of fire.
  • Maintain Smoke Detectors: Just like at home, keep smoke detectors and fire extinguishers inspected and charged.
  • Reach Out to Your Health Department: Your health inspector is not only there to protect the public, but also to provide support, particularly related to OSHA standards, to help you keep risks to a minimum.
  • Train Your Staff: The frontrunners of prevention are definitely your staff. Make sure everyone is adequately trained in equipment operation and kitchen procedures.

Protect Your Establishment with the Right Restaurant Insurance

Reduce the chances of losing your business to an accident when you take a few steps to minimize your risk. Fires will happen. Make sure your coverage is up-to-date and review it annually. At The Nowell Agency, our experienced, licensed brokers can discuss with you the different types of policies available to keep your financial investment safe and get you back in the kitchen quickly if tragedy does happen.

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