What Can Happen If I Don’t Buy Small Business Insurance in Texas?

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We often carry insurance for our personal needs, like health, homeowners, and auto. We understand that if we’re in an accident, we need protection and help to pay any claims that may arise. What about your small business? It makes sense that you would safeguard your company; however, many owners do not see the necessity until it is too late.

Avoid risking your hard-earned success when you obtain small business insurance for your Texas company. Talk with the team at The Nowell Agency about designing a package that provides for your organization’s needs. If you already have policies in place, we can assess them and help fill in any gaps while saving you money.

5 Risks You Face without Small Business Insurance

Consider these risks you face when you choose not to purchase insurance for your small business in Texas:

  1. You may be violating the law. There may be some ordinances and regulations in your city, county, or state requiring certain types of policies. For example, workers’ compensation is required in almost every state. General liability insurance may be necessary as well, especially in places that are prone to natural disasters.
  2. You fail to protect your employees. Besides being required by law in some areas, workers’ compensation gives you and your team an extra layer of protection. If an employee becomes ill or suffers an injury while on the job, they face time off work without pay and expensive medical bills. Workers’ compensation helps alleviate some of the burdens and keeps you from being sued.
  3. You may face unexpected financial issues. Any claim or lawsuit against you can potentially result in financial loss. This can include a kitchen fire, damage to your office property, or loss of your fleet. Failing to have enough insurance can result in a hefty financial burden.
  4. You can face business interruptions that cost you money. If something happens to your office, tools, or equipment, say from a fire, and you cannot operate, you will stand to lose revenue. You will have to continue to pay bills while you rebuild.
  5. You may lose property and other assets that you will have to repurchase. Imagine getting a call that your office building burnt down because of a gas leak. Do you have the funds in the bank to pay for the reconstruction of the building and repurchase of office equipment?

Avoid Financial Ruin with Small Business Insurance in Texas, from The Nowell Agency

Choose to protect your livelihood and that of your employees when you obtain the right insurance policies for your company. At The Nowell Agency, we take time to discuss what you need, get to know your goals, and tailor a package to assist in meeting those goals. We offer a wide range of coverages for many different industries. Rest assured that you can face the future with confidence when you partner with us.

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