5 Reasons You Need Convenience Store Insurance for Your Florida Location

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People like to stop by a corner store for their favorite midnight snack, including your customers. As a store owner, you continually strive to provide your patrons with the things they like. Maybe you increased your offerings to include deli sandwiches and take-and-bake pizza. You might have a car wash in addition to your gas station. It doesn’t matter what your location has on it, the fact is, there are risks that you face daily.

Recover from losses quicker when you invest in convenience store insurance for your Florida enterprise. Reach out to The Nowell Agency to speak with experienced brokers who will help you navigate the world of insurance and find you the best options at reasonable rates. You can serve your customers with peace of mind when you talk with us first.

5 Common Risks You Face as a Convenience Store Owner

You provide a valuable service for your community, but it does come with some risks. Here are five common ones:

  1. Theft of Your Goods: Shoplifting occurs daily. It seems just when you think you have things under control, another wave of robbery starts. It’s a real headache for retail owners like yourself. You can thwart some thievery with security systems like video-monitoring equipment, sensor-based product tags, and signs warning criminals that they are being watched on camera. Having a good insurance policy is another step to help you sleep better at night.
  2. Digital Theft: Giving your customers the ease of no contact payment sources to accept debit and credit cards is a boon for your business. Hackers will do whatever they can to obtain that information. If they’re successful, your reputation is at stake. One way to aid you when an attack occurs is to have cyber insurance.
  3. Damage to Inventory: When natural disasters strike, like a hurricane or a fire, you run the risk of losing your entire store. You can lose inventory like the food and other items in no time. Recovery can be difficult but a commercial property insurance policy can help.
  4. Injuries to Customers: The last thing you want is for a customer to slip and have a fall in your store. The moment that happens, you can see the dollar signs adding up. Your customer can potentially sue you for medical bills and lost wages from missed work. General liability is an option that can assist with this type of event.
  5. Unplanned Closure: The year 2020 has proven to be one of many unexpected, forced closures. But the coronavirus isn’t the only reason you may have to shut your doors. Fire or vandalism can leave you scratching your head and wondering how you’ll make ends meet when you have to keep the store closed.

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Keep your doors open with confidence, knowing you have help to keep your business going when a theft, vandalism, or other disaster occurs. The Nowell Agency works with financially strong insurance companies to give you the best options for your convenience store insurance needs. We lean on our more than 30 years of experience to help our clients recover from the catastrophes that threaten them. Call us today and discover the difference our outstanding customer service can make.

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