Home Buyer’s Guide to Insurance in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Hattiesburg, Mississippi was founded in 1882 by a pioneer lumberman and civil engineer, William H. Hardy. The town received its name in honor of Hardy’s wife, Hattie. Hattiesburg has a humid subtropical climate and short, mild winters.

In February, 2013, a tornado passed through the heart of Hattiesburg and left a trail of damage that included tossed cars, smashed trees, destroyed homes and businesses. While the National Weather Service gave an emergency warning nearly a half hour before the tornado struck, that usually gives homeowners just enough time to get into a safe place. People with insufficient or no insurance in Hattiesburg had more than just physical property damage to be concerned about. The long-term financial consequences were equally, if not more severe.

Some of the facts released by the National Weather Service about that Hattiesburg tornado include:

  • E-4 Strength
  • 170 Mph Maximum wind speed
  • Traveling a length of 21 miles and cutting a ¾ mile-wide swath of damage
  • 184 Estimated homes destroyed
  • 377 Homes with major damage

When a home buyer is looking at homes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, it is critical that they ensure they have enough natural disaster coverage with their homeowner’s insurance policy. The primary risks to homeowners in Hattiesburg may include:

  • Tornadoes
  • Severe thunderstorms bringing heavy rain and hail

Besides coverage for your dwelling, you also need coverage for your personal property – this refers to the contents in the home, including furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. Not all personal property is covered so you should review the coverage with your agent to see if you need to purchase enhanced coverage.

There is also ‘loss of use’ coverage, which means reimbursement for living expenses that result from being unable to live in the primary dwelling. A review of your homeowner’s insurance in Hattiesburg by a qualified expert will ensure that you have adequate coverage to protect you from the financial burden of property damage in events such as a tornado.

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