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Helpful Suggestions from Your Janitorial Insurance Team in Texas

Cleanliness has never been as vital as it has in the year 2020. The coronavirus reminded the world that we need to wash our hands more frequently and clean and sanitize our homes and offices. While the pandemic shut down retail stores, hair salons, and bars, other types of businesses soared. For example, IT professionals have been busy getting employees ready to work from home. Grocery store clerks and medical staff have become our everyday heroes. Cleaning companies have stepped up to clean and sanitize offices so companies can keep working. For as much as there’s been frustration during this time, there has also been an opportunity to excel.

Step up and serve others while building your entrepreneurial dream by starting a commercial cleaning business. The friendly and knowledgeable brokers at The Nowell Agency help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you get the janitorial insurance they need to keep their Texas enterprise covered. We look forward to designing the right coverage for your specific needs.

Janitorial Insurance Aids in Safeguarding Your New Livelihood

The United States Chamber of Commerce recently wrote about the 7 Service-Based Business Ideas that will be in High Demand, one of which is janitorial services. If you’ve ever wanted to step out on your own or start a side business, now is the perfect time. This service business is in higher demand than ever before. You want to be smart about protecting it, so consider how insurance can help:

  1. Support for Liability Claims: You may face potential claims of damage to a client’s property, rented property, or false advertising. To offset the potential, look at general liability coverage. It gives you the framework from which all other policies may be built. It offers the support you need for representation in the event of a liability claim.
  2. Protection for Your Company Owned Property: You don’t need a lot of equipment when you first start out. You can use your laptop, phone, and some rented equipment while working out of your garage or apartment. As your business grows, you may lease some office space, add some desks, and purchase equipment. Either way, you need additional protection for your company-owned property.
  3. Commercial Vehicle Coverage: Once you open up your janitorial business, you’ll need to consider the ramifications of driving your personal vehicle for company use. Vehicles for business requires a different type of automobile insurance. Obtain fleet insurance to cover your car, truck, or van used for your service business.
  4. Help When Employees Become Ill or Injured: Accidents happen and employees will sometimes get hurt. Aid your developing team with the peace of mind that worker’s compensation insurance brings. It offers your employees money for medical bills and lost wages should they become sick or injured during their cleaning duties. It also saves you from lawsuits.

Protect Your Company While Servicing Others with The Nowell Agency’s Help

Grab the opportunity now and establish a future for your family as you provide a valuable service to others with your cleaning business. The brokers at The Nowell Agency have over 30 years of experience helping owners safeguard their Texas enterprises with janitorial coverage you can count on. Give us a call and get the policies you need.

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